Spike TV’s Hit Show “Ink Master” Back to Film in Newark

Ink Master, Spike TV’s hit show, was back in Newark last August to film season 2 of the reality show competition. The production was primarily set at the Ironbound Film and Television Studios, which also housed the contestants during the competition phase.

Host and judge Dave Navarro, rock star (Jane’s Addiction) and tattoo aficionado (see picture above), guided the show’s 16 talented finalists on a series of challenges both in studio and outdoors in the NY/NJ area. The tattoo artists competed for $100,000 and bragging rights. Judges also included Chris Nunez (“Miami Ink”) and Oliver Peck (Elm Street Tattoo) and other guests.

The inaugural season of “Ink Master” was filmed last year at the WISSOMM center and contestants lived in a brownstone in the University Heights area.

Ink Master Season 2 included 8 episodes, and screened Tuesdays on Spike TV from October 9 to November 20.

We look forward to welcoming “Ink Master” back to Newark for another terrific season in 2013!

Fans are encouraged to ‘like’ the official “Ink Master” Facebook page and join in the “Ink Master” conversation by following @SPIKETV on Twitter and using #InkMaster. Biographies, photo gallery portfolios videos introducing the contestants can be found on Spike’s dedicated “Ink Master” destination online, inkmaster.spike.com, where users can find full episodes, video clips and blog posts, which will be updated throughout the season.

The latest in tattoo culture and show news can be found on the “Ink Master” Tumblr and Pinterest pages. For behind-the-scenes “Ink Master” photos, follow @spiketv on Instagram.

6 Responses to Spike TV’s Hit Show “Ink Master” Back to Film in Newark

  1. Huge fan from Mississippi. My friends and I are coming to New York this December on a girls trip. I would love the opportunity to tour the set, if that’s a possibility. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  2. Hello! My superhot Ink Master super fan boyfriend has a 45th bday on April 29th 2018. Is there any opportunity to have him view filming of the show or meet peeps on set? Your consideration is highly appreciated!

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