Newark Entertainment Roundtable Forum

The Newark Entertainment Roundtable Forum (NERF), launched by the Newark Office of Film + Television in 2012, is a collaborative network of community, business, non-profit, cultural and entertainment industry leaders, producers, artists, and other key stakeholders.

We are dedicated to transforming the greater Newark, New Jersey area into a vibrant hub for business, education and access to world-class film, television, creative media, arts and entertainment.

The Roundtable meets bi-monthly at rotating locations in Newark, NJ. We are a collaborative platform and professional network for media arts-related stakeholders. We share updates and advice, we support film, television, creative media, arts and entertainment projects, we promote education and employment opportunities and we promote Newark as an economic, cultural and entertainment hub.

If you are interested in joining, please write Igor Alves at:
igor [at]

Current members include (partial list):

Brick City Development Corporation
City of Newark
Cobblestone Multimedia
DreamPlay Media + Productions
Ironbound Film and Television Studios
New Jersey Performing Arts Center
Newark Arts Council
Newark CityPlex12
Newark Museum
Newark Office of Film + Television
The Newark Star-Ledger
New Jersey Devils
Prudential Center
Prudential Foundation
Rutgers TEEM Gateway
Shadowstone Productions
Sumei Arts Center


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