Ironbound Film and Television Studios

The Ironbound Film and Television Studios (IFTS), aka “Ironbound Studios,” offers facilities and rental equipment for television, motion picture and digital media productions of all budgets and sizes operating in the New Jersey / New York metropolitan area.

Ironbound Studios is the only Stay-and-Shoot™ studio facility in the United States that offers affordable, fully serviced, managed and furnished residential accommodations. It is ideal for both short and long-term shooting schedules and productions that need to house talent on site. IFTS supports crews of up to 100 people.

The 43,000 square foot facility includes studio stages ranging from 500 to 7,300 square-feet, production lofts, offices, conference rooms, 11 bathrooms (9 luxury showers), commercial kitchens, loft apartments and a spacious sky-lit atrium which doubles as a catering venue and central courtyard. The facility hosts a 3-phase, 3,000 amp electrical service that meets all industry lighting requirements, and includes full complete climate control capabilities.

IFTS is located in Newark’s historic Ironbound District, less than a 30-minute drive to Manhattan. The studio is situated two blocks from all major highways and is within a 10-minute drive to Newark International Airport. IFTS is a five-minute drive from Newark Penn Station (NJ Transit and PATH Train), and is served by the NJ Transit Bus stop on the corner.

IFTS’s urban neighborhood location provide users with excellent amenities like quality restaurants, coffee shops, stores, and an extensive network of local hardware and equipment suppliers.  Most importantly, its location endows producers with preferred access to a local, world-class professional production workforce that can complete any type and level of production.

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  1. Looking to do black box theater for screen. And seeking equipment for new film project. We’d like to set an appointment.

  2. Dorian C. Bernard| June 22, 2014 at 4:15 pm

    My name is Dorian and I’ve AP’ed on several nationally syndicated Talk Shows for Kingworld productions as well ABC affiliated productions. The shows included Rolonda, Ricky Lake and Gayle King and more. I’ve recently relocated back home to Newark for personal reasons maybe we can help each other out? I feel I’m drowning creatively, And my years to television pre and post production experience may be beneficial, along with writing , ect. Would it possible to contact me or have someone contact me and point me in the right direction. To find out how I can become a part of the Newark Office of Film & Television. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks in Advance for your cooperation and have a great day.

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