The Newark Office of Film + Television has partnered with the Tribeca Film Institute to bring the Tribeca Film “Youth Screening Series” to Newark. The program consists of a series of in-class workshops with teaching artists and four film screenings to take place at a Newark high school and beyond.

Newark Office of Film + Television partners with Tribeca Film Institute to educate and empower Newark high school students on food justice issues

The Tribeca Film Institute will work with high school students at The Paulo Freire School in Newark, New Jersey – the third New Jersey school in the program. Additionally, the TFI, in partnership with the Newark Office of Film and Television, will expand the series this year to 11 public schools in New York and New Jersey, impacting hundreds of educators and high school students. Film screenings for students this Fall will include showings of A Place at the TableKing CornLa Cosecha / The HarvestSoul Food Junkies. 

“We have consistently said that we must empower, energize, and inspire our city’s youth to make positive choices in their lives and manifest their own personal excellence as adults. The advances our city has made in promoting food justice and equity can only be sustainable if we nourish the awareness of our students. The Tribeca Film Institute’s partnership with The Paulo Freire School here in Newark will bring the power of filmmaking and activism to another generation of leaders.”  – Cory Booker, Mayor of Newark


Students at The Paulo Freire School listen to the Tribeca Teaching Artist

Students at The Paulo Freire School listen intently to the Tribeca Teaching Artist


Students attending "A Place at the Table" screening at Tribeca Cinemas

Students attending “A Place at the Table” screening at Tribeca Cinemas

“Fostering critical thinking skills and promoting social justice has been at the core of TFI’s educational  programs since the beginning. I am excited students and educators will begin a deeper dialogue about the important issues surrounding the sustainable and equitable food movement in the U.S. through our programming. Food justice is a complex issue and if students are able to make more informed decisions about what they’re consuming through our screenings and filmmaker discussions, then we have accomplished our goal.”  – Vee Bravo, Education Director, Tribeca Film Institute

Tauheeduah Baker-Jones (Executive Director of Academic Programs at The Freire School), O’Brien Kelley (Director of the Newark Office of Film + Television), Ashley Hanania (Studio Art Instructional Manager), and Mrs. Taylor (Board President at The Freire School)


Igor Alves (Consultant for Newark Office of Film + Television), Tauheedah Baker (Director of Academic Programs, The Freire School) and Ashley Hanania

Igor Alves (Newark Office of Film + Television / DreamPlay Media), Tauheedah Baker and Ashley Hanania


A full list of schools for the 2013 program follows:

  •       The Paulo Freire School, Newark, New Jersey
  •       Academy of Urban Planning, Bushwick, Brooklyn
  •       High School Dual Language and Asian Students, Lower Eastside
  •       Newcomers High School, Long Island City , Queens
  •       Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School, South Bronx
  •       Frank Sinatra School of the Arts, Astoria, Queens
  •       Flushing High School, Flushing, Queens
  •       TYWLS Brooklyn, Bushwick, Brooklyn
  •       Urban Assembly Institute for Math and Science, Brooklyn Heights
  •       MCTVS, East Brunswick, New Jersey
  •       Dickinson High School, Jersey City, New Jersey

For additional information about the films screened during the Tribeca Youth Screening Series, please visit:

Tribeca Youth Screening Series logo

About the Tribeca Film Institute:

The Tribeca Film Institute is a 501(c)3 year round nonprofit arts organization founded by Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal, and Craig Hatkoff in the wake of September 11, 2001. TFI empowers filmmakers through grants and professional development, and is a resource and advocate for individual artists in the field. The Institute’s educational programming leverages an extensive film community network to help underserved New York City students learn filmmaking and gain the media skills necessary to be productive citizens and creative individuals in the 21st century. Administering a dozen major programs annually, TFI is a critical contributor to the fabric of filmmaking and aids in protecting the livelihood of filmmakers and media artists. The TYSS year round program is sponsored by AT&T and the fall series is supported by the Food Bank for New York City.

For more information and a list of all TFI programs visit:


VILLAGE VOICE: Tribeca Film Institute Teaches New York and New Jersey Youth That You Are What You Eat

CITY OF NEWARK: Newark Office of Film and Television partners with Tribeca Film Institute to Launch 2013 Youth Screening Series in Newark


  1. I am interested ina program that is catered to High School Students in Film and Television.
    I participated this summer in NYC at EVC (Educational Video Center) and would like to continue in filmmaking program during this school year. Please advise of opportunities that may be available.
    I live in Teaneck NJ
    Senior at Teaneck High School

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